In Her new studio, located in the Southern California desert, surrounded by mountains and lakes, Claudia is inspired by this wild environment which exalts her creativity. Her forms acquire lush proportions, and their colors are taken from nature, flowers of the area, clear skies, crystal water and snow, passing for white, blue, turquoise, snowy, mauves, lavenders, rubies, pistachios, Ambers, jades and crystals.

Claudia defines her designs by combining handmade resins, vintage elements, faux diamonds, Swarovski rhinestones, mother of pearls, tortoise shells in multiple layered and strands of necklaces.

In harmony with Her signature designs, her rings are also small sculptures.


Faux Finishes and window displays by Claudia Carlino Designs

Wall Art Decorations

Collections of Exquisite Decor created by Claudia Carlino

Each piece of Wall Art Decor is handcrafted using recycled and re-purposed metals, woods, and natural substances. Wall Art Decor pieces vary in sizes from 6" X 6" X 1.5", 6.5" X 8" X 1.5" to 6.25" X 9" X 1.5"

Arrangements are limitless when paired with other art.

Rings, Necklaces and Sets

Interior Designs by Claudia Carlino


"Creating Art With All My Senses"

Sculptures, Statues, Forms and Casts By Claudia Carlino